Time For The Big Creative Workout?


Year end can provide the perfect opportunity to challenge Business As Usual and get teams charged up to think differently.

In turbulent times, our ability to think differently and imagine new possibilities becomes our biggest competitive advantage. And that big end-of-year pow wow can be the perfect time to take stock, think big and face down some big challenges face on. And this year, more than ever, teams need to make sure they’re equipped to think creatively and turn good intention into real, actionable ideas.

Too often the Christmas Do can turn into a fun but futile talking shop, full of well-intended rallying cries and walls full of post-it noted aspirations that go no further than the bin in the post-bash tidy up.

There’s a better way. There are tried and tested tools and techniques that can channel the festive fun into a productive, meaningful ideas factory and send the troops off on their jollies, skilled up in the art and science of idea generation, with a hit list of landed, ready-to-go ideas to kick 2020 off with a creative bang.

I love helping teams plan and deliver energizing, creative get-togethers. And drawing a turbulent year to a close by skilling teams up to challenge old habits, imagine new possibilities and land big ideas they love, before we hit 2020 might just be the best thing you do all year.

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