Tone Up Your Creative Muscles

Most training courses tend to fit into two camps… the inspiring but impractical, or the dull but doable. Neither leave you very satisfied. My training sessions are different. I come with provocation, stories and practical tools and techniques.

My training days are designed to inspire, provoke, energize, and provide practical, instantly usable skills.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest organisations, as well as some of the biggest names in British comedy. And I’ve developed a way of working, a best practice from both worlds, a set of tools and techniques that can help anyone up their creative game.

I demonstrate the creative behaviours that lead to a culture of creativity and I share a range of tried and tested idea generation tools and techniques. We explore what we mean by creativity, what sparks our individual creativity, and how we can turn our brains into supercharged idea generating machines.

I’ve trained teams across the BBC, in ad agencies big and small, and some of the biggest brands, including Absolut, Unilever, Kraft and British Gas. All my training days are planned around my clients’ own specific needs, so everyone leaves armed and able to have bigger, better ideas.