Competitor Scenario Planning on Acid


My War Games workshop is a tried and tested, creative session that brings to life the real-life marketing battleground, helps you identify your biggest opportunities and leverage them.


Whether you’re under threat from an aggressive competitor, looking to invade their territory, or just need to anticipate their next moves, my War Games workshop is an innovative approach to competitor scenario planning that will help you leverage your strengths, identify your key competitor’s weaknesses, unite a team and generate a tank-full of ideas for how your brand can take the initiative.


I’ll lead your team through an energizing day, as we bring to life the real market battle of the brands, trial different attack and defense strategies, across a range of market scenarios, and identify your biggest opportunity areas.


Armed with the insight our staged battles bring us, we’ll apply stimulating idea generation tools and techniques, to land the ‘killer ideas’you need to gain competitive advantage in your market.


I’ve run this session for Carling (a few times), the BBC, Astra Zeneca and others. Every time it’s thrown up surprising ideas that the teams have gone on to implement. But best of all, the sessions are great fun!